Travel+Leisure rated the AirComfy Ease Pillow as their top pick of 17 travel pillows (“We put 17 Travel Pillows to the Test, and Only One Got a Perfect Score“)! They stated, “The classy teal color and on-trend velvet finish made it far more attractive than any travel pillows I’ve encountered before. Weighted score: 5/5”

Also ranking #9 on their list was our Daydreamer Pillow. ““The little pump on it was a great touch — no awkward blowing-up of a pillow next to my neighbor. Weighted score: 4.2/5”

Our pillows were also featured in their article, “The 14 Best Travel Pillows for Every Type of Seat Sleeper“.

The Points Guys


The Points Guys rated the Daydreamer Pillow as one of Top 10 Gadgets and Gift Ideas for the Traveling Mom!

“Neck pillows are awesome if you have the space to pack them, but they’re often awkward and bulky to carry around. That’s why inflatable neck pillows are so handy — when not in use, they shrink down into a small pouch that’s easy to store and out of the way. Bonus: This pillow from AirComfy inflates with just a push of a button, allowing mom to easily choose how firm or how soft it is.”


TestFacts Logo rated the Daydreamer Pillow as their #1 recommended choice for Travel Pillows!

“We’re sure that many seasoned travelers who have tried quite a few different styles of pillows would agree that this is the best airplane pillow on our list. They’ve thought of all of the little details when it comes to design and convenience, which is why it is so travel friendly and comfortable, too.” The original AirComfy Pillow also ranked #9 in their pillows of choice!

Geek Dad Travel Pillwow Review



“All in all, I found the AirComfy to be just that—comfy—while also easy to transport. I definitely like it better than the older pillows I’ve had in the past, and while I’m glad I don’t travel nearly as much as I used to, I’ll be bringing this pillow with me whenever I do need to fly in the future.”

Travel Pillow Review
 gave the AirComfy Inflatable Multi-Purpose Travel Pillow the highest review listed on its website! Total Score: 9.2

“There’s really not much to fault with the AirComfy. Its foam filling makes it far more comfortable than most other inflatable travel pillows, whilst still remaining light and packing down to a very portable size. Its versatile design allows it to double as a neck pillow and lumbar pillow. Plus an affordable asking price makes this one of the most impressive pillows on the market.”